Fountain Ideas is a well-known Supplier of Decorative Indoor Fountains and LED Fountain Lights. Our products include Fountains like Jet Fountains, Glass Wall Fountain, Decorative Indoor Fountains and various types of Lights like LED Lights, LED underwater Lights etc. which find usage in various industries like jumping jet & musical fountain. We provide customized production for all types of fountains and LED lights. Rated among the most reliable Swimming Pool Suppliers, we also provide excellent Swimming Pool Construction Services. We have testing facilities for all out products and are equipped with R&D facilities as well. Customized packaging is available for all the products we make. We have CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) facility. We have our business spread all across India.


We are one of the leading Fountain Suppliers in Bangalore offering the finest range of Outdoor Fountains. The Jet Fountains, offered by us, are really very attractive and make the surroundings really pleasant. There are different sizes and shapes in which the Fountains are available. These Fountains come with powerful motors to pump the water to different heights. The beautiful colors make the falling water even more beautiful.


Jet Fountains

Dandelion Fountains

Geyser Fountains

Programmable Fountains

Ultra Fast Action Fountains

Cascade Fountains

Doam Fountains

Interactive Fountains

Static Fountains

String Water Curtain Fountains

Dancing Fountains

Garden Fountains

Musical Fountains

Wall Fountains

Water Sheet Fountains

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    hello, i want to know are u survey in kanpur also i need to make water sheet fountain in indoor area on my site which is in kanpur uttar pardesh.

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