About Us

Company Profile

Fountain Ideas, was started in early 2011 from personals with enormous international expertise in the field of water fountains and swimming pools. At Fountain Ideas, all products are designed, developed and delivered to the highest standards of the respective industries ensuring quality and reliability that is backed by long after sales service.We create thrilling multimedia fountains to iconic architectural water features, we work closely with our clients to provide water architecture to blend tunefully with the environment. Our designed water features and fountains aim to express the enthralling qualities that water exuberates. We are associated with international brands for fountains and lake management etc…

We have lake management solution for natural and man-made lakes.

Just like fountains we cater to swimming pool requirements. We can also design a pool incorporating fountain to enhance the brilliance of the final product. We cater to all kinds of swimming pool requirements. We are associated with International Brands for swimming pool equipments, the company is known for quality products and services, with an extensive range of swimming pool and spa equipments.